Friday, 25 November 2016


It has been some time since I'm interested in generating Ambient music using computers, mainly iPad and PC, trying different tools for algorithmic composition or improvising with software synthethizers.

One of the first thing I published was a piece titled "Bay", algorithmically generated using ngen and rendered in a PC using csound. The result was uploaded ten years ago to the Internet Archive, and it is still there.

When the iPad arrived, a plethora of new tools and synths were at my disposition. I published some of my experiments at SoundCloud and YouTube, but I realized that all these works were disperse, and that a blog would be a good way to tie them up, at the same time that will provide me a more personal space to write about the tools and process around each piece. So, here it is!

 I wrote most of this for myself, but if anyone else is reading it, you are welcome. Drop a comment if you like it.

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  1. Just learning sonic pi. Thanks for this, especially the explanations. Very useful.